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Banks for New York Times Escapes Section

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David Walter Banks shot a story on Antique shops in Antebellum towns near Atlanta. I always love getting out into the country but working on this story was extra pleasant. Everyone I came across was a pleasure to meet and I think I may now have a new-found obsession with antique stores. Check out how NYT ran the article online here.


Slaby for Newsweek

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newsweek_burton0224_8-6-8Photographed Kristi Burton, the 21 year-old spokesperson for Colorado’s recently defeated Amendment 48.  The initiative proposed to alter the state’s constitution in order to define a human being’s “person” at the moment of conception.  The pro-life amendment, voted down by a hefty 73% margin,  posed far-reaching questions, mostly stemming from the Amendment’s potential to modify the definition of “person” in such a way as to upset thousands of unrelated laws containing similar language.


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Lytvinenko Designs Slaby’s New Website

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There’s a lot of geeky stuff to be excited about in Tim’s re-design of Slaby’s website –one click uploads, automatic image captioning, fully-customizable & visual backend, integrated blog, search engine optimization –but let’s just talk about the photographs.  THIRTEEN INCH IMAGES that load quicker than most web-images half that size.


See Tim’s newest design here: MattSlaby.Com

Banks and Slaby Interviewed on DVAFoto

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The talented Mr. M. Scott Brauer recently interviewed David Banks and Matt Slaby about their coverage of the 2008 political conventions for an ongoing interview series on his blog.  Check it out here at DVAfoto.

Eich and Slaby in American Photography 24

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Matt Eich and Matt Slaby featured, respectively, among American Photography 24’s ‘Selected’ and ‘Chosen’ photographs.

See their entries here:

Eich/American Photo 24

Slaby/American Photo 24

Luceo shoots Election Day

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GROUND001.jpgREACT002.jpgGROUND002.jpgluceo-election-04luceo-election-051 luceo-election-06luceo-election-07luceo-election-08luceo-election-09luceo-election-10luceo-election-11REACT001.jpgluceo-election-13We wanted to put up a post of a couple images from election day to make note of the historic occasion. Luceo photographers were spread out across the country (and beyond). These are just a couple slices of things we saw and things we felt throughout the evening.

Eich a Critical Mass Finalist

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Matt Eich has been named a Finalist in the 2008 Critical Mass competition.