Top Honors for Luceo at Southern Short Course


Luceo Images accumulated the most points over the weekend during the Southern Short Course contest.  Several Luceo names came out on the winners list this year including the big tuna that went to our own Kevin German who was named Southern Photographer of the Year.  We’ve obviously been keeping up with Kevin’s work over the last year as he’s made the transition from the American newspaper market into being a full-time shooter in Southeast Asia.  I know I speak for everyone at Luceo in saying that we feel especially fortunate to have been able to watch his projects develop along the way through probably a dozen or so edits that he’s shared with us –including a pretty intense edit round that took place each night during out annual meet this year.  Kevin brought with him literally hundreds of tiny proof-prints that he’d spread all over the floor of the apartment, trying one order, taking feedback, flipping the order, pulling a print or two, before changing it up again.  And again.  He’s a consummate photographer and his attention to detail is bar none.  Really, a well-deserved award.


Other Luceo wins at the 2009 Southern Short Course include:

First Place, Spot News: Kevin German,  “Death at Building D”

Honorable Mention, Daily Life: Matt Eich, “India Slums”

First Place, Portrait Series: Matt Slaby,  “Along the Way”

Honorable Mention, Portrait Series: Kevin German,  “Forgotten”

Honorable Mention, News Essay: Matt Slaby, “Gun Culture”

Second Place, Daily Life Essay: Kevin German, “I’m Sorry Child”

Honorable Mention, Sports Essay: Kevin German, “Pela de Gallos”

Third Place, Campaign 2008: Matt Slaby, McCain Reflector”

Second Place, Campaign 2008 Essay: Matt Slaby, “Polaroid Conventions”


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