Luceo Opening, Raleigh NC



Six prints from the Luceo photographers will be featured in a show in Raleigh, North Carolina.  The opening will be at Cafe Helios Gallery following on the heels of our good friend Shawn Rocco’s Cellular Obscura show.  Rocco’s work has recently attracted the attention of PDN Pulse here.  The premise for the series of photographs featured in his recent show is simply that they’re made with what’s become the contemporary Polaroid: a cellphone camera.  

Anyhow, it’s an honor to be selected to follow Shawn’s act.  

For those able to make the show, six original prints are for sale in the Cafe Helios Gallery.  For those unable to make the show, we’re offering a short selection of prints for a limited time on Luceo’s store page.  

Luceo Images First Anniversary Opening

7pm,  Friday, March 6th

Cafe Helios Gallery

Raleigh, North Carolina



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