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The Next Chapter

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Dear Faithful Reader,

It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the brand new Luceo Images website. Our revamped destination will feature a dynamic new group blog with individual blogs for each of our photographers that will be updated regularly. While there is always a twinge of nostalgia that comes with closing an outlet to share thoughts and personal work, this move has been anxiously anticipated and we are excited to start showcasing all the hard work that has gone into this new creation.

So pull up your stakes and move on over to our new blog. Make yourself at home, we’ll be here a while.


Brinson continues Facing South

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Kendrick Brinson has recently added to her Facing South project, which explores the stereotypes and eccentricities of the Deep South. She photographed Sorority Rush at the University of Georgia, The Watermelon Festival, The Southern Museum, and everyone’s favorite place for hash browns.

Her latest edit can be found here.

Slaby for Latina Initiative

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passportsabSlaby’s composite of passport photographs shot  over the course of three different citizenship drives held by the Latina Initiative and Fuerza Latina, two Colorado-based advocacy and public policy organizations.  More about the project on his blog.

Slaby’s Polaroids on NPR’s The Picture Show

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Picture 12


NPR just finished up a nice little edit of Slaby’s ongoing Polaroid project.  It’s featured today on their blog, The Picture Show.

Lytvinenko New Stop-Motion II

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This beach is magical.

Holden Beach, NC 7.15.09
Photos by Tim Lytvinenko

Music Kevin MacLeod

Look3 Recap

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Luceo is pleased to have been included in this year’s Look3 festival and, now that we’re all back to our grinds in our respective home-cities, a little recap is in order.  Our group multimedia installation, Still Hoping, made its debut in the Look3 Theater and we’re very proud to have had the opportunity to share that space with the heavy hitters at The New York Times and Mediastorm –just to name a few.  It’s only been a year and a half since we all locked ourselves into an apartment for a week and plotted out Luceo’s future and we’re very pleased to see the fruits of our labor come together at such a unique event.  

Kevin German, David Walter Banks, and Matt Eich also represented Luceo in a few other venues.  German and Eich had their own respective installations in the POYi gallery and Banks and Eich both had projections that were included in Slideluck Potshow’s contribution to the festival.  

The weekend turned out to be a good opportunity to catch up our friends from the MJR Collective as well as Miki Johnson from the Resolve Blog.  Her write-up, here, really sums up our sentiments about the state of the industry and our own approach to staying optimistic and productive in these times of upheaval.  That is something that, on a larger scale, Melissa Lyttle and the listserve and blog at have been instrumental in doing for years.  We’re thankful to her for including our piece on today’s edition of that blog and also for keeping that forum and community alive and well.

And, of course, a huge thanks is in order to the Gina Martin and Jenna Pirog at National Geographic as well as Will May and Maryanne Golon from the festival.  Your support and encouragement was crucial to bringing our work to Look3 this year. 


Eich’s work in the POYi Gallery


German’s work in the POYi Gallery

Brinson’s Southern Project on Camera Obscura

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Kendrick Brinson’s Facing South photo essay, which is still a work in progress, has been featured on Italian blogger Fabiano Busdraghi’s Camera Obscura. Busdraghi includes artists from around the globe and lets them give their voice on technique, style, or even their current labors of love. Check it out here.