Slaby for The Wall Street Journal

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Slaby recently photographed the Shearn family for The Wall Street Journal.  The Shearns purchased their seven bedroom home in Cherry Hills Village, an exclusive, gated suburb of Denver, for more than $900,000 below it’s original list price. The house sold for slightly less than 1.3 million dollars as a short sale, a pre-foreclosure type of transaction that allows the bank and the troubled seller to move the property before repossession. The bank takes the proceeds of the sale, usually less than the outstanding balance on the property, in order to avoid the expense and burden of foreclosure proceedings.

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Luceo to Present at Open-i Webinar 10-5

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Luceo will be presenting for the latest Open-i Webinar tomorrow morning at 15:00 GMT (that’s 11am, for you east coasters).  The webinar will last one hour and will be in conjunction with Nophoto, Drik, and Wéyo.  More information about the webinar is available on facebook here or anyone wishing to just log in and join the conversation can do so here.

Brinson’s images on cover of The Chronicle of Higher Education

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Kendrick Brinson photographed David Coleman, the “Dating Doctor,” as he prepared for and gave a talk at North Georgia State College and University. Mr. Coleman, who is the real-life Hitch, gives approximately 200 speeches all over the country each year.

Banks for New York Times

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After a battle in court last Friday an Atlanta judge ruled that Grady Memorial Hospital could close it’s free dialysis clinic for uninsured individuals.  After the ruling the hospital offered to assist in payment for dialysis elsewhere for a period of three months.  Grady also offered to financially assist patients in moving to other states where they may be covered by Medicaid or returning to their home country.  I spent some time with a few of the patients at a meeting with their lawyer before the ruling last Wednesday and was moved by their stories.  I hope and wish the best for them, but for many the end of that three months will be a sentence to death.  My prayers are with them.  To read the stories click here or here.

Brinson for New York Times

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Kendrick Brinson photographed Atlanta residents retrieving items from their flooded homes in Buckhead for The New York Times. See more on her blog here.

Slaby’s Polaroid Project Featured on Inside Analog Photo

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Inside Analog Photo, a radio program that focuses on traditional photographic processes, recently featured Slaby’s Polaroid work for one of their segments. The feature included an interview about the project and the process. The segment can be downloaded from iTunes, here:

Banks for New York Times

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David Walter Banks photographed senator Jim Demint (R) as he campaigned against healthcare reform (and bit his lip for how ridiculous that sounds).  Read the story in the Times here.