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Slaby for TIME

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Slaby recently photographed an essay on Aurora, Colorado, the mundane, bedroom community where alleged terror plotter Najibullah Zazi resided before his arrest and extradition.  More can be read about the assignment at Slaby’s blog, here.

The article is available here. Time’s online essay can be viewed here.

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Banks on

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David Walter Banks’ ongoing essay on the recreational use, medicinal application, religious views, and cultural influences of marijuana in American society was picked up by  Click here to view, or check out the edit on his website here.

Slaby in TIME Magazine

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Matt Slaby photographed inside of Cheyenne Mountain, a Cold War-era bunker situated inside of a hollowed out mountain west of Colorado Springs, for TIME Magazine. The editors enjoyed his images so much a web gallery was made on the Time website to display them.