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Brinson for The New York Times

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Kendrick Brinson photographed Bill Curry, Georgia State University’s new football coach who will head up the brand new football program at the school. The program is being built from the ground up and the team’s grand entrance is slated for Sept. 2, 2010. She also photographed freshman Mark Hogan, the team’s first football recruit to enroll in school history at the University. He is excited to have teammates join him, as of now he is the only person on the team. “It gets pretty lonely sometimes,” he said.


Banks for Interscope Records

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David Walter Banks photographs Soulja Boy for Interscope Records.

Brinson for The Wall Street Journal

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Kendrick Brinson photographed Jay Chambers at Autrey’s Armory in Fayetteville, Georgia for a Wall Street Journal cover story about the increasing demand for guns as recent gun-ban worries mount. Due to scarce inventory and higher demand and prices for guns, Mr. Chambers buys guns as an investment. Read the interesting story here.

Banks on the cover of Wall Street Journal

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David Walter Banks shoots a piece on the economic crisis affecting small town Georgia in Loganville, Ga.

Last Day for Luceo Prints

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April 15th marks the last day to purchase from Luceo’s promotional print deal. Prices and availability will change with the upcoming launch of our new site. Purchase before day’s end:

Slaby for Newsweek

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Lutheran Pastor Don Marxhausen, top, and Evangelical Pastor George Kirsten, bottom, for Newsweek.  Both pastors were involved in the fallout after the Columbine shootings.  Marxhausen performed the funeral for shooter Dylan Klebold and spoke on behalf of the Klebold family, a move which would see him pushed from his church.  Kirsten presided over the funeral of Cassie Bernall, one of the Columbine victims who, according to rumors during the shooting, was killed after professing her belief in God; the rumor later proved false though the metaphorical aspect of the story has continued to inspire evangelicals.  Kirsten, a Vietnam pilot who survived a helicopter crash as well as a devastating explosion that claimed the lives of many of his comrades, was diagnosed with PTSD following the shootings.  Read more here.

Brinson Wins Georgia Awards

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Kendrick Brinson won awards in the 2008 Georgia Press Association Contest. She received a first place award for a sports feature photo, a second place award for a feature photo and a first place award for her photo essay “Gone from the Manor,” a long-term story on the last months at Gilbert Manor, a public housing project in Augusta, Georgia that was closed.